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Ice Cave Expedition

Ice Cave and Glacier Hiking tour

Hiking and ice caving adventure on Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, an outlet glacier of Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe. This tour offers a challenging 1-1.5 hour hike on the glacier

Glacier-Hiking Ice-Caving

Hike on a majestic Vatnajökull outlet glacier with an experienced glacier guide and explore the shimmering blue/white world within a stunning ice cave. Challenge yourself and get to know the glacier inside and out!

  • 运营时间

    November - March

  • 行程时长

    4.5 - 6 hours

  • 行程难度


  • 是否接团


  • 自驾汇合


  • 参团年龄下限

    16 years

  • 导游/游客比


  • 发团地点

    Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

  • 价格起步

    31.990 ISK

Small Group Experience
Vatnajokull - Europe's largest glacier
A visit to a natural ice cave
A guided glacier hike
Certified glacier guide
Crampons and necessary glacier gear

If you want to get to know the glacier this is the tour for you. A challenging 1 to 1.5 hour hike on Breiðamerkurjökull, an absolutely stunning outlet glacier of Vatnajökull, Europe´s largest glacier will really show you the best of this fascinating ice world.

Your knowledgeable glacier guide will share lots of fun and fascinating glacier facts with you along the way. You will see the sharply ridged crevasses which meander their way through the ice, a little like mysterious labyrinths, the great moulins drilling their way down to the base of the glacier, acting as conduits for meltwater and helping the glacier to move. Even a glacier as weighty as Vatnajökull is always moving and changing, this is an incredibly vibrant place which will leave you feeling very humble in the face of nature.

Your invigorating and really exciting glacier hike will bring you to a magical glacier cave. There is nothing quite like the feeling of standing in an ice cave with ancient glacial ice below you, around you and above you. You really will feel as though Iceland is embracing you with great ‘icy-arms’. Your guide will tell you how ice caves and the stunning features within them are formed, and how blue ice is created by ice compression pushing the air bubbles out. Sometimes those blues are like transparent blue glass, other times they are more opaque. If you have any questions just ask. On the glacier you will hear unusual sounds, the ice cracking and creaking is one, the other sound you will often hear is more human – gasps of sheer awe.

Please remember to bring:
What to bring: Warm outdoor layers (not cotton or jeans), waterproof jacket and pants, hiking boots, headwear and gloves, snacks, drinks and a small backpack. It can get very bright on the glacier so sunglasses are useful too.

Please note

Proper hiking boots are absolutely essential, it is not possible to fit ice crampons to any other kind of footwear. For safety reasons people without suitable clothing will not be permitted to participate.

This tour is challenging, participants need to be in good physical condition.















Arctic Adventures的每个冰川行程都有导游吗?


What is the group size on the tours?

All of our tours are small group experiences. We have a maximum of 16 participants on the hut tour and 14 participants on the camping tour.

Is there any drinking water along the trail?

Yes, you can fill your water bottles with tap water at the huts/campsites. It’s perfectly safe to drink. There are also a few streams along the way with safe drinking water, just ask your guide.

Are gaiters necessary?

Gaiters are optional but we always recommend that our participants use them. The weather in Iceland can be quite wet so the trails subsequently get wet as well. They are not necessary but being drenched on a hike when conditions are wet and muddy is very unpleasant. Some rain pants have straps at the bottom which serve a similar purpose as gaiters so if you are equipped with those you don’t need both.

Are hiking poles necessary?

Hiking poles are also optional. The choice of using them or not of course depends on your own personal preference. Note that we do recommend hiking poles if you are used to hiking with them.

我们的所有行程由行程参与者自行承担责任。由游客造成的或可追溯至游客自身行为的事故Arctic Adventures不承担任何责任。在行程开始前,游客必须签署一份协议,表明其了解所有户外探险活动都存在固有风险。


价格起步 31.990 ISK 每人

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